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 for everyone from anyplace ®

Service Dispatcher is the next standard in fully web based dispatching solutions. No limit on number of users, and everyone can enjoy the full feature set from anyplace.

Available as a service with your own dedicated application, or purchase a license and run on your own or hosted server.

Cost effective, low monthly charges ($9.85/mo/site), no setup charges, fully configurable and customizable from your web browser.

Fully featured, web browser configurable,  IVR (interactive voice response) and call queue tracks technician activity and enables facilities or call center staff to work from anywhere. (additional phone charges apply)

You can't afford not to find out more !

Contact us to discuss your requirements with an experienced and knowledgeable dispatching specialist and fget details about a risk free trial!



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First time looking for a software solution? Confused by "Thin Client", "Client Server" and other techno-bable?

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